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Name: Kiinoe

D.O.B: Unknown

Creature Type: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Kayla And David

Home: Kayla’s House

Day Found: February 9, 2014

Likes: Being active, fruit pies or sweets, swimming, gardening, forests/jungles.

Dislikes: Being alone, being made fun of for his size, shedding, extreme heat, sour food. 

Kiinoe is a bizarre like creature that was found by Kayla in the Castle Of The Two Sisters one winter day. Upon bringing him home and out of the cold she soon learned he could speak and how much she loved him. Not much is known about Kiinoe besides where he came from. No pony even knows if there are more of him. But for now he’s just the fuzzy ball of energy running around making Kayla’s life a little more exciting. 

Fun Facts:
~ He is not blind, his pupils are just white. 
~ Despite his size Kiinoe can lift 3 tons (6,000 lbs).
~ His horns can grow to about 6” long but he likes keeping them short.
~ Under his fur, all of his skin is grey like his hands and feet.
~ When he sheds all of the fur that would fall off, comes off all at once.

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Lunch time! A couple people just had to drop in personally to ask me about Carmine. Did she really have to blast a hole in the wall though?

((Featuring Tumble Trotter, Kayla, and Vexin (sometimes  NSFW), with an ask from Abject.))

Well aren’t you a cutie! :) 

(Mod: I’m just giggling because at least Kayla didn’t break something. This just escalades so quickly! XD)



i’ll bet you thought i had more done by now. huhu

but each person will get a backgroundless, hi-res image of their pone, if they want. 

doop. wips an such will be on my pony mod blog from now on.  EDIT: ahh. need to mention the mod blog is nsfw!

(Mod: OOHHH! IS THAT KAYLA!? I THINK ITS HER! I’m pretty sure its her! OMG! I’m freaking out! XD BTW you guys should seriously follow Potluck! Such a cool blog! Go do it!)



(Mod: Kiinoe blending into Greyzeek’s fur so Kayla will never see him. Such a fluffy little genius!)

'What…? A dragon's gotta live off something….'

I really have to practice drawing other people’s OCs, though.
Thank you very much for the unsuspected feature, that really made my night!

(Mod: You respond so quickly! Guh! Super cute picture though! XD)

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